Bored of the Board Room

10 December 2018

When you need to moved the monthly sales meeting agenda from performance, finance report and people issues to something more creative why not take the partners to a creative enviroment. 

Today sees us hire a broads cruiser and a chef - talking the partners down the river, the morning sees our director facilitating a creative big picture agenda for the business. Big questions asked and discussed including a potential take over of a competitor moving to a new office and the implications and opportunities of expanding into a new business area. Our own director having signed a non disclosure keeps the meeting on track, challenges traditional views and methods and drives the group to be more ambitious in the thinking, with the correct check and balance in place - all this before we stop for lunch and are joined by some  of the companys young high flyers (less face it many of these are home workers and what do we know about them other than the quality and volume of their work) the chef works her magic and we take a slow ride back to base after an amazing day.