Bored by the Boardroom

Bored by the Boardroom

We aim to take the bored out of the boardroom. How many of your board meetings are held on a regular basis, in the same environment, with the same agenda and the same people. A stale environment brings limited creativity, stale ideas and slow decisions. In addition even if you know your “fast track” employees when do they get the chance to be involved? With increased flexible working when do you get the chance to know them as people, their drivers, beliefs, priorities, their “fit” with the top team

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Imagine the benefit of a regular “creative board meeting”. The standard agenda replaced with a bigger picture future, visionary discussion, in a creative and unusual environment. Maybe an F1 team facility or performance car manufacturers office, a powerboat or steam cruiser, a tree house or beach hut.

Your “high flyers” join you for lunch, get to know them for who they are and what they stand for, not just what they do. Maybe join them in the afternoon for a joint activity to challenge them, test their leadership or problem solving?

This isn’t the daydream meeting, conjured during a drawn-out session in a drab hotel conference room where your group is charged for every stale croissant and copy print, where technical difficulties abound.

Plan you business future, plan your key personnel development.

A creative, inspiring, comfortable space raises productivity by making the meeting a pleasant experience for a forward thinking business, with some fun on the journey.