Barcelona or Bust

19 September 2019

A determined annual sales incentive sees this clients super achievers enjoy Barcelona.  12 winners join us for an amazinf trip, staying at the Ravel hotel we begin with a fabulous evening at Ocana ( a must if you visit) an evening of fine food entertainment and fun. Impossible to come here and not visit the Camp Nu soccer fan or not it is a must.  To the beach pm with the weather still good and cocktails in the ice bar set and evening dining and dance expereince at one of the cities leading night clubs till the early hours. The...

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Keep it straight

04 July 2019

When a client asks for three things in 2019 - a directors event, a corporate golf day and a charity fund raiser then you know you have your work cut out to ensure all three meet their obkectives, have an element of creativity and are delivered seamlessly. The golf day feeback was amazing. The client had run this event themselves to good effect in previous years but realised with no real increase in costs and using our creativity we could deliver and event to raise the bar - Both guests and host agreed we excceded expectations and a fun day...

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How do I exit my business

01 July 2019

Our client approaches us to work with them on a plan to exit their business over the next three years. No familly members to consider who have an interest, assetts built up in the business can create retirement income and of course simple sale to a third party can be considered. But there are people in the company, three in particular who have been loyal over many a year and without them there would be not be a busines of the size and scale that exists. Creativity and du diligence required and delighted the client has confidence in ourselves as...

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Team Building

11 June 2019

When someone comes to you and says they have a group of 20 amazing people with a high level of expertise, but through a fragmented work process with some based in the office, some in the field and some homeworkers there is the opportunity to bring them together more as a team.   

We have a soying at Modello "One of us is not as strong as all of us"

Drop the group in two places with electric bikes and a tulip map, they said, let them find their own way to the unkown destination as quickly as possible collecting items and...

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Sales Growth

08 April 2019

Delighted to annouce we have joined forces with well known local company to deliver a tailored Sales Growth programe. From new joiners to a sales career through to establishes sales professionals we have a exciting series of workshops for the modern day sales professional in a digital age. For the team leaders and sales managers there is also an associated coach the coach workshop exploring how best to build on the training for continued people development. Exciting times

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Trump Turnberry

12 March 2019

Well time to take a look at a multi million pound investment - the Trump Turnberry - we have a request for a 5* directors retreat (Bored of the Boardroom) and this is a very special place. From the moment the driver collects you from the airport to the kilted reception the amazing standard and views from the rooms to the fine dining of the chefs table it is a splendid experience. I meet some usefull supplliers including off road expereinces in the highlands and indoor curling which I have to say is a splendid expereince.

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Barcelona F1 Test

13 February 2019

How quickly this trip comes around for our regular clients - Barca in the "spring" well almost. Sun fine wine, good food and of course the F1 testing. Our regulars are this complimented by some new joiners to the trip - word spreads fast about just how good the access to teams and drivers is at this event, whilst its busy for the enginners the hopitality is GP standard and team members have more time to share with interested parties their objectives for the season and updates to the cars since 2018.

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New York New York !!

17 January 2019

A flying start to the New Year starts with New York. Our client made a fabulous investment committment 6 months earlier to inspire the team to a stretch target and this trip was the carrot. Boy did it work !! 30 people enjoyed the big apple with first time experiance for many, from a MSGarden ice hockey game, to dinner in Time square, the Empire state of course and the boat to Statue of Liberty was a must. Whilst some choose to reflect at ground zero others preffered a carrage ride in central park. From start to finish an inspiring...

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Bored of the Board Room

10 December 2018

When you need to moved the monthly sales meeting agenda from performance, finance report and people issues to something more creative why not take the partners to a creative enviroment. 

Today sees us hire a broads cruiser and a chef - talking the partners down the river, the morning sees our director facilitating a creative big picture agenda for the business. Big questions asked and discussed including a potential take over of a competitor moving to a new office and the implications and opportunities of expanding into a new business area. Our own director having signed a non disclosure keeps the...

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Macmillan Cancer Support

12 October 2018

As many will know our choosen charity is Macmillan and today sees the annual support of their fundrasing golf day at Barnham Broome GC Norfolk - we provide the bar service with all monies taken being donated to Macmillan and through our contacts within Formula One we can help the auction table. Over all the day raises in excess of £10k with the majority of this down to their local ambassador Graham Knights who has worked tirelessly for Macmillan over many years. 

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