Sales Team and Sales Coach Development  & Team Building

Sales Team and Sales Coach Development & Team Building

We live in a time where companies are focused on looking out to their customers and their satisfaction.

But what differentiates the most successful companies of our time from the rest? In our view the skills of their people. Skills to develop like and trust with potential clients quickly, to ask and to listen, to identify and create needs and to solution cost effectivly for efficiency and growth. A strong reputationin in a fast changing world is delivered through trust creates refferals. It drives the business organisational growth and individual rewards. From your office desk teams to a work force working increasingly away from the office, we develop their skills to provide confidence and inspire them to success. Ensuring they feel empowered and valued as individuals yet very much part of a team. A team for a business owner that can become the foundation of your current and future plans

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Our modular "BuildingSkills" workshops allow you to create the training and culture for the very new, the well established and the high flyers who may develop to become your future leaders. Our Leadership and Coach modules support the culture in activity and approach of your sales managers and performance coaches. Team building activities are a key element and are planned to deliver on your specific objectives, whether that be productivity or work force morale.

So if you are looking to break down barriers, improve communication, create and solution needs, problem solving or motivate your team, an investment here brings out the best of the individual and cements the team.


"We found ourselves with a number of new joiners who were highly skilled as individuals and yet to get the best from them, they needed to establish themselves as a team. In addition there was an opportunity for one of them to become the team leader, but who?

 Modello delivered a targeted, creative and interesting day of fun for the team. You could see the group of individuals come together for a common goal, solving one of the building problems or situation solutions, having great fun allocating roles, learning and using their existing skills to a common purpose.

 Watching leaders rise and be accepted made our decisions easy."

 Karl Lake owner of  K T Lake

"Mike’s a refreshing David amongst Gollaths. I’ve worked with him on a number of projects. He’s a captivating speaker and facilitator, whose content is consistently well researched and highly relevant to his audience. His delivery is humorous, articulate and engaging - non-corporate in language. He is flexible within broad and virtual teams, and practiced in cutting through unnecessary cant . He brings an entrepreneurial flavour drawing on plenty of his own experiences and a library of original analogy.” 

 Katherine Isdell-Carpenter, Executive Producer, Crown Business Marketing